Pauline A Goldsmith
Pauline Goldsmith has worked in the global bio-pharmaceutical
industry for over thirty-seven years, either in Europe or the United States.
She now runs her own Consulting Company, Goldsmith Consulting,
in Coconut Grove providing business development and project
management skills to small to medium-sized companies. Pauline originates
from the United Kingdom, but arrived in the United States twenty one years
ago and has never looked back since; homes have been made in
Philadelphia, Boston and Miami.

Pauline is active in many volunteer positions in the local art world, both in
theater and the visual arts. She feels it is time to give back to the community
and strives to help others understand the joy the arts can impart.
Her love of watercolors and botanical art are a consuming part of her life.

Artist's Statement

“My love of South Florida’s lush tropical vegetation has encouraged me
to use watercolors to translate their beauty to paper, so that it can be shared
with everyone. In my attempts to render these plant likenesses into a visual art
I have become attached to their subtle transformations in different lights.”

Original Watercolors – Giclees – Greeting Cards – Commissions

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